Kawasaki (center) at the Container Shipping Summit
  • 2023/03/14: Kawasaki lectured on decentralized supply chain network at Gaussy Corporation.
Kawasaki gave the presentation
  • 2023/03/08-10:Kawasaki, Yotsushima (M2), and Ozaki (M1) attended and presented at the 11th National Conference of Society for Serviceology held at Kyoto University. Kawasaki organized and moderated the session “Co-creation of value in the supply chain.” Yotsushima presented “Structural Characteristics of Supply Chain Networks and Competitiveness of Firms,” and Ozaki presented “Development of Multi-Agent Supply Chain Simulation Model Considering Inventory Management.”
Ozaki (left), Yotsushima (middle), and Kawasaki (right)
Yotsushima gave a presentation
Ozaki gave a presentation
Logistics Research Encouragement Award
  • 2023/02/28: Joint seminar with Sakai Lab. (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) and Oyama Lab. (Shibaura Institute of Technology). Maja (M1) and Ikumoto (B4) made presentations from our lab.
Group photo at the joint seminar
  • 2023/02/27: Joint seminar with Aoyama, Nishino, Shibasaki, and Tanaka labs. MYotsushima (M2) gave a presentation from our lab.
Yotsushima gave a presentation
  • 2023/02/21-22: Kawasaki and Yotsushima (M2) participated in a joint seminar with Shinoda Laboratory (Kyushu University) and National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management at Ito Campus, Kyushu University. We also visited the Port of Hakata.
Yotsushima giving the presentation
Hakata Port
Hakata Port