Morishima (left), Ikumoto (middle), and Dr. Kawasaki (right)
Ikumoto giving the presentation
Yotsushima (left) and Dr. Kawasaki (right)
Yotsushima giving the presentation
  • 2022/10/1: Ms. Maja and Mr. Jean-Baptiste (M1) are assigned to the lab.
  • 2022/09/19-21: Dr. Kawasaki made the presentations of “Supply chain simulation considering inventory management in Tokyo Metropolitan Area”, and “Estimation of freight trip distributions using spatial-temporal aggregated freight vehicle data” in T-LOG 2022. At the same time, he was appointed as session chair of session “Logistics Operation”.
Dr. Kawasaki in T-LOG 2022
Dr. Kawasaki giving the presentation
Dr. Kawasaki (left) and Ozaki (right)